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Price includes 1 person. Extras:
  • Aikuiset€15.00
  • Lapset€7.00


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In addition to gorgeous scenic spots and verdant nature Vallisaari offers interesting stories from past decades and centuries; from times of the Swedish rule, Russian rule and independent Finland.

Where was the village store located in Vallisaari?

Where could you get trained as a swimming instructor?

Why does Vallisaari, Hill Island, appear on a british war tourist’s travel journal?

What about the brewery and distillery?

Why did the sea pilots’ house get surrounded by a high wall?
What about Augustin Ehrensvärd’s arguments, because of which Vallisaari was left out of the Viapori fortification plans?

And what is a trachyphloeus scabriculus?

The island with its 76,2 ha has been in military use already from the times of Suomenlinna (Viapori) fortification, and it still houses plenty of buildings and batteries especially from the most active building period during the Russian rule. One of the main sights of the island, Alexander battery, located on the highest point of the island offers a 360 panorama view far across the sea, neighbouring islands and the city centre.

 The guided tour gives you a glimpse of the island’s fascinating history and beautiful nature.

Guided tours are organized on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 27.6.-10.8.2019.

The tour starts at 14.30 from Torpedo Bay, in front of the Harbour Café’. The duration of the tour is ca. 2 hours.

Prices: Tickets 15 €/ adult, 7 €/ child (7-16yrs)

Tickets you can buy in the webstore or at Harbour Café where the tour starts from.